Exit planning is crucial to selling

An Ohio group is presenting a series of Webinars focused on developing succession plans for small businesses. Paula Schleis of the Akron Beacon Journal reported recently about the January and February  Webinars sponsored by the Ohio Department of Development.

“We feel the lack of proper succession planning is one of the most preventable sources of job loss in our communities,” Chris Cooper told the Beacon Journal. Cooper is program coordinator fo the Ohio Employee Ownership Center in Kent. Among programs planned are on Jan. 7, Where the Business Plan, Strategic Plan, and Succession Plan Meet, presented by Jim Aussem of Cavitch, Familio & Durkin.

For details on how to sign up, visit the OEOC and select the appropriate link. (Note: The miniURL listed in the Beacon Journal was a bit balky – the link here works.)

If for some reason you can’t connect to the Webinar or simply need a reference, my book, How to Sell Your Privately Owned Company, has all the information you’ll need to establish an exit plan and a whole lot more.

Eric R. Voth is a serial entrepreneur, a private investor, consultant, and writer. He is author of How to Sell Your Privately Owned Company, a Basic Guide for Independent Business Owners, Baby Boomer’s Edition. Eric and his colleagues help a business Seller prepare and groom his or her company prior to offering it for sale or merger – then guide the owner through the actual process. He became involved in this field as a result of merging his own company in 1993.


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