Video Series Launched for Business Sellers

For the last six months, I’ve been working to produce “Gearing Up to Sell Your Company,” a 20-segment on-line video series. Here’s a media release announcing it:

Video Series Launched for Business Sellers

Houston, TX, May 25, 2010 — Eric R. Voth, Business Transaction Consultant, today launched “Gearing Up to Sell Your Company,” a 20-segment on-line video series for business owners thinking of selling their companies. The series, available at no cost, is geared toward educating mid-market and small business owners.

The videos feature a wide array of topics on top concerns that owners may have as they contemplate selling their companies. Tips guiding an owner through the selling process are also included. Running time for each segment is 4 to 7 minutes.

“During the next few years, tens of thousands of baby boomers will seek to liquidate their privately owned companies in what may be remembered as ‘The Great Business Sell-Off of 2010 and Beyond,'” says Voth. “What we’re seeing is a massive shift between Baby Boomers and Generation X,” he added. “But tight credit, combined with a glut of businesses for sale, make it a buyer’s market.”

Competition for buyers means business owners seeking to sell will need to know how to properly position their companies to attract the attention of larger companies and private equity firms.

“The key to a successful business sale is knowledge, plus a well-thought-out exit plan,” says Voth.

“When planning to sell, an owner’s best strategy for avoiding any pitfalls is to acquire the proper knowledge — and to exercise diligent preparation. My videos provide educational information about how to sell a company in the least amount of time, for the most money, while maintaining confidentiality throughout the entire process,” he concluded.

The series is part of Voth’s effort to be a valued consultant that provides important tools to support business owners prior to listing their companies for sale.

Access to the “Gearing Up to Sell Your Company” video series is available at no cost by registering at

ABOUT ERIC R. VOTH: ( Eric R. Voth is a consultant, serial entrepreneur, private investor, and author. He is not a Business Broker. Rather, Voth is a Business Transaction Consultant who helps company owners gear up to sell their businesses. Then he assists them with the selection of an appropriate, qualified, professional — a Business Broker, a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Intermediary, or an Investment Banker — who will serve as their advocate during the selling process. These other professionals handle the actual sale. The scope of his consulting practice is nationwide. It encompasses all business sectors and all SIC codes.


Media contact:
Eric R. Voth, Consultant, ERV Productions, Inc.
Phone 281-852-4707, Email:


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