About the book


Available soon!

Building a business can be a lifelong adventure. Selling it – or merging it with another company – should be the culmination of the saga. A perfect ending gives you the financial security and liquidity that will carry you for the rest of your life.

Selling out is something every business owner thinks about. And dreams about. And sometimes has nightmares about! That’s because your company may be the single biggest asset you own. And selling it may be the most important financial decision of your life. The biggest.

Here’s the reason for this Web site…

It’s to tell you about a book called HOW TO SELL YOUR PRIVATELY OWNED COMPANY – A BASIC GUIDE FOR INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNERS – BABY BOOMER’S EDITION. It’s jam-packed with page after page of ideas, strategies and tactics to completely guide you through the sale of your company, from “A to Z.” And, it’s written in easy-to-understand language. This book may become the most valuable – and profitable – resource you’ll ever use in your entire career as an entrepreneur!


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